Working group meeting 1-Grape Phylloxera Group Meeting


Astrid Forneck and Timo Strack
We kindly invite you to participate in the Grape Phylloxera Group Meeting to revive the exchange and discussion on phylloxera-related research.

When and where

Monday, July 08th, from 17:45 to 19:00 at Riojaforum Conference Centre. Room 4.


  • Short presentation of new phylloxera resistant rootstock cultivars and discussion– 30 min
  • Announcement of the 08th International Phylloxera Symposium 2025 – 15 min
  • General discussion and development of potential collaborative research projects – 30 min

Background and Rationale

Phylloxera was and still is one of the major threats of high-quality viticulture. By the introduction of grapevine grafting and the use of Phylloxera tolerant rootstock varieties the danger was averted for the moment, but not eliminated. Today, reports about leaf gall formation by Phylloxera on V. vinifera cultivars and on Piwi hybrids are reported frequently. Knowledge gaps, e.g. regarding the effect of a changing climate on the behaviour of Phylloxera, the intensity and danger of leaf infestation in context of an increased cultivation of interspecific varieties used in grape production, but also new strategies for controlling the pest exist.

Possible Topics

  • Current phylloxera situation in viticultural regions worldwide
  • Current state of research on behavioural patterns of phylloxera
  • Genetic differentiation of phylloxera biotypes
  • New strategies for controlling measures of phylloxera infestation
  • Leaf gall formation on vinifera - a phenomenon related to climate change?
  • Breeding activities for the development of phylloxera resistant varieties and rootstocks
  • Rootstock breeding activities related to soilborne pest and disease resistance

For more information, please contact Astrid Forneck ( and Timo Strack (